21BE45 Set-1 Solved Model Question Paper with Answer


Module 1

1. a.     Highlighting the properties of cellulose, justify cellulose as an effective water filter.

1. b.     Write a short note on i. PHA, ii. Whey proteins

2. a. With an example explain the development of DNA vaccines.

2. b. Explain the applications of enzymes in biosensors and Bio- bleaching

Module 2

3. a. Brain functions as a CPU system. Justify

3. b. What is electroencephalogram? Discuss the various applications of electroencephalogram

4. a. What are stents? Give an account on the stent design and materials used for the manufacturer of stents

4. b. Give an account on the characteristics and features of cataract

Module 3

5. a. Lungs are an effective purification system. Justify the statement highlighting the functioning of the lungs

5. b. Write a short note on i. chronic obstructive pulmonary disease ii. Muscular dystrophy

6. a. What is spirometry? Discuss the types and functioning of the spirometry

6. b. With a neat labeled diagram, explain the mechanism of filtration by the nephrons

Module 4

7. a. What is echolocation? Discuss the application of echolocation in ultrasonography

7. b. Explain the experiment conducted by Prof, Dickman and colleagues on GPS systems existing in pigeons

8. a. What is a lotus leaf effect? Explain the mechanism and applications of lotus leaf effect

8. b. The structure and design of the Kingfisher’s beak led to the design of the bullet trains. Explain

Module 5

9. a. What is Bioprinting? Discuss the process and applications of bioprinting

9. b. What is DNA origami? Explain the process of DNA origami

10. a. Give an account on the process involved in the self-healing bio concrete

10. b. What is Bioremediation? Explain the various types of bioremediation

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