21RMI56 Model Question Paper-2 with Solutions

Research Methodology & Intellectual Property Rights (21RMI56) Model Question Paper-2 with Solutions


1 A] Define engineering research and list its aims and objectives.

1 B] What are the factors that motivate you to do engineering research? Briefly explain

1 C] Compare descriptive research versus analytical research with examples.


2 A] What is the meaning of ethics and why is it important in the practice of engineering research?

2 B] Write a note on the following research misconduct (i) Falsification (ii) plagiarism.

2 C] What are three ways to credit the research contributions? Explain


3 A] How does the existing knowledge can contribute to the research process? Explain with relevant points.

3 B] What are the key features of the bibliographic database of the Web of Science (WoS), and how is it commonly used in research?

3 C] List and explain the Importance of Note-taking while reading research papers.


4 A] What types of citations fail to achieve their goal and do not benefit the reader? Explain.

4 B] Illustrate using a flowchart, how collaboration in a Co-authorship network can improve the flow of knowledge in the research.

4 C] Explain the most common styles for citation used by engineers during research, and provide an example.


5 A] Describe Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) and list its types.

5 B] Define the term patent and what are the conditions that must be met for obtaining patent protection.

5 C] What are Patent Infringements? Explain its two categories of Infringements.


6 A] Explain the following major steps involved in the process of patent registration.
(i) Prior Art Search (ii) Choice of Application to be Filed
(ii) Pre-grant Opposition

6 B] In which circumstances Indian residents are not required to file a patent application first in India to get patent protection in another country? Explain.

6 C] Name the four national bodies dealing with patent affairs


7 A] What are the key considerations and tests for determining fair use doctrine under copyright law? Explain with examples.

7 B] Using a Flow chart, explain the important steps involved in the process of Copyright Registration.

7 C] What were the key events and circumstances surrounding the copyright dispute between photographer David Slater and the macaques in Indonesia in 2011? Explain.


8 A] What are the different categories of trademarks recognized under Indian law, and tabulate the famous trademark types with examples.

8 B] Explain by using a process flowchart, the steps involved in trademark registration.


9 A] Describe the enforcement of Industrial Design Rights.

9 B] Explain the classification of Industrial Designs and design registration trends in India.

9 C] Explain registered Geographical Indications (GI) in India with the tabulate of examples.


10 A] Explain the Identification of Registered Geographical Indications (GI) items. What are the common methods used to project GI in India.

10 B] Using a flowchart, explain the process of GI registration.

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