21RMI56 Model Question Paper-1 with Solutions

Research Methodology & Intellectual Property Rights (21RMI56) Model Question Paper-1 with Solutions


1 A] Define the term research and explain the research flow cycle with a relevant diagram.

1 B] What are the three broad categories of developing and accessing knowledge in research? Explain with a diagram.

1 C] What are the key ethical issues related to authorship? Explain each one.


2 A] Discuss the different types of engineering research. Clearly point out the differences between all of them with examples.

2 B] List the different types of research misconduct and provide a brief explanation for each one.


3 A] What are the primary goals of conducting a literature review in academic research?

3 B] How does the new and existing knowledge can contribute to the research process? Explain with relevant points.

3 C] What are datasheets and write their contents?


4 A] Explain the various steps involved in the critical and creative reading process.

4 B] Define the term Citation. Describe the three functions of Citation.

4 C] Explain how knowledge flows through a citation network using a flow diagram.


5 A] What types of inventions are eligible for patenting, and which matters are considered non-patentable?

5 B] Explain the major steps involved in the process of filling patent applications using a flow chart.


6 A] Explain the different types of patent applications.

6 B] What strategies are involved in the commercialization of a patent?

6 C] What are utility models, and how do they differ from patents?


7 A] Define the term Copyright and write its classes.

7 B] What are the two exclusive rights owned by the copyright owner? Explain briefly.

7 C] What are the roles and functions of the copyright board and the copyright society in administering copyright laws and regulations?


8 A] What are the key eligibility criteria that a mark must meet to qualify for trademark protection? List advantages that a proprietor gains through trademark registration

8 B] Using a flowchart, explain the steps involved in the process of Trademarks Registration.


9 A] Briefly explain the overview of Industrial Design (ID). Summarize the Non-Protectable Industrial Designs in India.

9 B] Discuss the Design registration procedure by using a flowchart.


10 A] Define Geographical Indications (GI) with an example. What are the rights granted to GI holders?

10 B] Summarize the IPR-related activities the Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT) undertakes.

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