Define the term Copyright and write its classes.

Define the term Copyright and write its classes.



Copyrights refer to the legal rights provided by law to the original creator of the work in the fields of literature and computer software.


  • Literature: Books, Essays, Research articles, Oral speeches, Lectures, Compilations, Computer programs, Software, Databases.
  • Dramatics: Screenplays, Dramas.
  • Sound Recordings: Recording of sounds regardless of the medium on which such recording is made e.g. a Phonogram and a CD-ROM.
  • Artistic: Drawing, Painting, Logo, Map, Chart, Photographs, Work of Architecture, Engravings, and Craftsmanship.
  • Musical: Musical notations, excluding any words or any action intended to be sung, spoken or performed with the music. A musical work need not be written down to enjoy Copyright protection.
  • Cinematograph Film: It is a visual recording performed by any medium, formed through a process and includes a sound recording. For example, Motion Pictures, TV Programs, Visual Recording, Sound Recording, etc 

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