Define the term Citation. Describe the three functions of Citation

Define the term Citation. Describe the three functions of Citation.


A citation is a way of giving credit to the sources of information, ideas, or quotes that are used in a research paper, article, or any other academic or scholarly work.

There are three main functions of citation:

(i) Verification function: Authors have a scope for finding intentional or unintentional distortion of research or misleaa chance to ascertain if the original source is justified or not, and if that assertion is properly described in the present work .

(ii) Acknowledgment function: Researchers primarily receive credit for their work through citations. Citations play crucial role in promotion of individual researchers and their continued employment. Many reputed organizations and institutes provide research funding based on the reputations of the researchers. Citations help all researchers to enhance their reputation and provide detailed background of the research work.

(iii) Documentation function: Citations are also used to document scientific concepts and historical progress of any particular technology over the years. ding statements. Citation offers the readers.

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