Define the term research and explain the research flow cycle with a relevant diagram

Define the term research and explain the research flow cycle with a relevant diagram.


Definition of research:  

Research refers to a careful, well-defined (or redefined), objective, and systematic method of search for knowledge, or formulation of a theory that is driven by inquisitiveness for that which is unknown and useful on a particular aspect so as to make an original contribution to expand the existing knowledge base. 

Research Cycle:

Research begins with practical problems: it should be clear what the problem you are trying to solve is and why it is important. 

Fig: The research flow diagram 

Here are some key points about the research flow and process:

1. The research cycle begins with a practical problem or issue that needs to be addressed, clarifying the importance and relevance of the problem.

2. The practical problem motivates the formulation of a research question, which helps focus the research efforts and prevent getting lost in an overwhelming amount of information.

3. The research question defines the scope of the research project, which involves a set of activities that ultimately lead to results or answers that help solve the initial practical problem.

4. Building background knowledge for research involves acquiring the ability to connect different areas and prepare the mind for active work, rather than merely accumulating information.

5. Research is not just about reading and gathering existing knowledge but about adding original contributions, no matter how small or specific, to the existing body of knowledge.

6. Posing a relevant research question and systematically seeking answers are essential components of the research process.

7. There should be a balance between the achievability of the research program within a finite timeframe and the potential contribution it can make.

8. The objective of good research is to gain insights or solve problems, and research questions may evolve and be modified throughout the project.

9. Through research, new knowledge about the world around us is generated, which can be recorded and made accessible through writing or other forms of documentation.

10. The research flow involves identifying a practical problem, formulating a research question, conducting a research project, obtaining results, and contributing new knowledge to the existing body of knowledge, ultimately addressing the initial practical problem.

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