DBMS Important Questions With Answers

DBMS – 21CS53 Important Questions With Answers

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Module -1

1] Explain three schema architectures

2] Explain Data Independence

3] Characteristics of the Database Approach

4] Advantages of Database Approach

5] Explain different types of user-friendly interfaces

6] Explain types of DBMS users

7] Develop an ER diagram for various databases [Company, University, Airlines], considering at least 5 entities

Module -3

1] How to create views in SQL? Explain with an example

2] How are triggers defined in SQL? Explain with examples

3] illustrate insert, delete, alter, drop, and update statements in SQL with examples

4] Explain Retrieval queries in SQL

5] Explain Assertions in DBMS

6] Explain nested queries with examples

7] What is SQLJ? How it is different from JDBC. Write a short note on Drivers in JDBC SQL Queries

8] SQL Queries

Module -5

1] List and explain ACID Properties

2] With a neat state transition diagram, explain the states involved in transaction execution.

3] Briefly explain Transaction Support in SQL

4] How does deadlock and starvation problems occur? Explain how these problems can be resolved.

5] Write a short note on

  • Transaction support in SQL
  • Write ahead log protocol

6] Explain Time stamp ordering algorithms?

7] Explain two multiversion techniques for concurrency control.

8] What is schedule?

9] Different types of locks used in concurrency control.

10] What is two-phase locking protocol? How does it guarantee serializability?

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