Computer Networks Important Questions 2024 with Answers (21CS52)

Computer Networks (21CS52) Important Questions with Answers 2024

Note: Module 2 and Module 3 will be added soon, and some more questions will also be added.

Comment in this post if you guys want questions and answers like this for 21CS53 and 21CS54 also.

Module 1

1] Explain Network Hardware

2] Distinguish between Connection-Oriented and Connectionless Service.

3] Explain OSI Reference Model and TCP/IP with a neat diagram

4] Compare OSI and TCP/IP

5] Write a note on following: Coaxial Cable, Fiber Optics (Read all Guided and wireless transmission media)

Module 2

1] Describe how the mechanism of error correction and detection is handled by the Data link layer in detail. 

2] write a note on Data link layer design issues

3] Explain A Simplex Stop-and-Wait Protocol for an Error-FreeChannel and A Simplex Stop-and-Wait Protocol for a Noisy Channel

4] Explain Go-Back N.

5] Selective Repeat in detail.

6] Compare pure and slotted aloha.

7] Problems on Parity, checksum, CRC and Hamming code.

Module 3

1) Explain Network Layer Design Issues.

2) Explain Store and Forward Packet Switching.

3) Comparison of Virtual Circuit and Datagram Networks.

4) What is Routing Algorithm? Explain Non-Adaptive algorithm and Adaptive algorithm with diagram.

5) Explain Shortest Path algorithm with an example.

6) Explain Distance Vector Routing algorithm

7) Discuss about Link State algorithm.

8) Explain Congestion Control algorithms.

9) Explain Quality of Services.

10) Explain Leaky bucket and token bucket

Module 4

1] Explain the services provided by transport layer

2] List the Hypothetical primitives in transport layer and using a diagram explain connection establishment and connection release for the same

3] With all the functions, explain Berkley sockets and write socket program.

4] Explain the elements of transport protocol.

5] With a neat diagram explain the steps in making an RPC

6] With a neat diagram explain TCP header format.

7] With a neat diagram explain UDP header format.

8] Explain Write a brief note on TCP Connection Management Modeling with a finite state machine.

Module 5

1] Discuss about Non-Persistant and Persistent Connections with HTTP.

2] Explain HTTP Request and Response Message Format.

3] Explain SMTP

4] Explain how DNS works and the Services Provided by DNS.

5] Write notes on the following: i) Web Caching ii) Cookie


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