With a neat diagram explain UDP header format.

6. With a neat diagram explain TCP header format.


➢ The Internet protocol suite supports a connectionless transport protocol called UDP (User Datagram Protocol). UDP provides a way for applications to send encapsulated IP datagrams without having to establish a connection.
➢ UDP transmits segments consisting of an 8-byte header followed by the pay-load. The two ports serve to identify the end-points within the source and destination machines.
➢ When a UDP packet arrives, its payload is handed to the process attached to the destination port. This attachment occurs when the BIND primitive. Without the port fields, the transport layer would not know what to do with each incoming packet. With them, it delivers the embedded segment to the correct application.

The UDP header format:

Fig: The UDP header

Source port, destination port: Identifies the end points within the source and destination machines.
UDP length: Includes 8-byte header and the data.
UDP checksum: Includes the UDP header, the UDP data padded out to an even number of bytes if
need be. It is an optional field.

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