Write a short note on precautions against an electric shock.

10 c]Write a short note on precautions against an electric shock.

Solution :

Precautions against Electric shock

  1. Avoid water at all times when working with electricity. Never touch or try repairing any electrical equipment or circuits with wet hands. It increases the conductivity of the electric current.
  2. Never use equipment with damaged insulation. The insulation of conductors must be proper and in good condition
  3. Earth connection should be maintained in proper condition
  4. Use of the fuses and cables of proper rating.
  5. Use the rubber soled shoes while working.
  6. Megger tests should be done to check the insulation.
  7. Never touch two different terminals at the same time.
  8. Never remove the plug by pulling wire.
  9. The sockets should be placed at a proper height
  10. Switch off supply and remove the fuses before starting the work with any installation.
  11. Always use insulated screw drivers, and line testers.

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