Write a note on Fullerenes. Mention its applications.

6.B] Write a note on Fullerenes. Mention its applications.


  • A fullerene is a pure carbon molecule composed of at least 60atoms of carbon.
  • Because a fullerene takes a shape similar to a soccer ball, it is sometimes referred to as a buckyball.
  • Fullerenes are seen as promising components of future micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS) and nanotechnology.

Applications of Fullerenes:-

  • Fullerene molecules can be used for drug delivery into the body, as lubricants, and as catalysts.
  • They have many chemical synthetic and pharmaceutical applications.
  • Chemical derivatives of fullerenes have fascinating electrical and magnetic behavior including superconductivity and ferromagnetism
  • Fullerene molecules have very a high surface area/volume ratio and may be used in the development of new types of catalysts in the chemical industry.
  • Fire resistance, High thermal conductivity may lead to better heat sinks for electronics
  • Television screens Bucky paper may be more efficient than CRT and LCD displays

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