working principle of Vapor Compression Refrigeration

6.A] Describe the working principle of Vapor Compression Refrigeration


Principles and Operation of Vapor Compression Refrigeration:

working principle of Vapor Compression Refrigeration

1. Compression:

During the Suction stroke of compressor, low-pressure vapour in dry state is drawn from the evaporator. Here, the temperature and pressure of vapour increases until the vapour temperature is temperature. greater than the condenser

2. Condensation:

During condensation, high pressure refrigerant vapour enters the condenser where the cooling medium absorbs the heat and converts the vapour into liquid.

3. Expansion:

After condensation, the liquid refrigerant is stored in the receiver and from receiver it is passed to evaporator through expansion or throttle valve. This valve reduces the pressure by keeping the enthalpy constant (Throttling process).

4. Evaporation (Vaporization):

After expansion, low pressure liquid refrigerant enters in evaporator where considerable amount of heat is absorbed by it and I converted into vapour. This low-pressure vapour is sucked by the compressor and the cycle repeats.

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