Explain the synthesis and application of Polyurethane.

5.A] Explain the synthesis and application of Polyurethane.


Synthesis of Polyurethane:

Polyurethane often abbreviated PUR and PU refers to a class of polymers composed of organic units joined by urethane links. Polyurethanes are produced by the polymerization reaction of di-isocyanate and diol or triol (or the addition reaction between di-isocyanate with glycol). In the production of polyurethane foams, glycol, di-isocyanate, catalyst (tertiary amines), water and surfactants are mixed together and heated.

Synthesis of Polyurethane

Application of Polyurethane:-

  • Flexible foams are used for cushions in automobiles & furniture
  • Rigid foams are used to reinforce hallow structural units.
  • Fibers of Polyurethanes are used in lightweight garments and swimsuits because of their stretching property
  • These are used to coat the gymnasium floor and dance floor
  • These are used in tyre treads and industrial wheels.

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