Define a Structure by the name DOB consisting of Data from individual

9. B) Define a structure by the name DoB consisting of three variable members dd, mm, and yy
of type integer. Develop a C program that would read values to the individual
member and display the date in mm/dd/yy form.


#include <stdio.h>

struct student{
	char name[30];
	int rollNo;
	struct dateOfBirth{
		int dd;
		int mm;
		int yy;
	}DOB;	/*created structure varoable DOB*/

/* Scroll down for full code

int main()
	struct student std;

	printf("Enter name: "); 		
	printf("Enter roll number: ");	
	printf("Enter Date of Birth [DD MM YY] format: ");
	printf("\nName : %s \nRollNo : %d \nDate of birth : %02d/%02d/%02d\n",,std.rollNo,std.DOB.dd,,std.DOB.yy);
	return 0;

Out put:-

Enter name: VTU Updates
Enter roll number: 000 
Enter Date of Birth [DD MM YY] format: 00 00 00
Name : VTU Updates
RollNo : 000
Date of birth : 00/00/00

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