Differentiate between the Brazing and Soldering Process.

3. B]Differentiate between the Brazing and Soldering Process.


Brazing and Soldering Process

SL NOSolderingBrazing
1Soldering joints are weakest joints out of three. Not meant to bear the load. Use to make electrical contacts generally.Brazing joints are weaker than welding joints but stronger than soldering joints. This can be used to bear the load up to some extent.
2Temperature requirement is up to 450°C in soldering jointsTemperature may go to 600°C in brazing joints.
3Heating of the work pieces is not required.Work pieces are heated but below their melting point.
4Cost involved and skill requirements are very low.
No heat treatment is required.
Cost involved and sill required are in between other two.
No heat treatment is required after brazing
5Preheating of workpieces before soldering is good for making good quality joint.Preheating is desirable to make strong joint as brazing is carried out at relatively low temperature.
6No change in mechanical properties after joiningMay change in mechanical properties of joint but it is almost negligible.


Figure 1: Mechanical and Electric Soldering gun


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Figure 2 : Brazing process

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