Enlist the advantages of CNC machines in mechanical Industry

10.C] Enlist the advantages of CNC machines in the mechanical Industry


  • The accuracy and repeatability obtained are high. Most aircraft parts are produced today on CNC machines
  • Complex-shaped contours can be machined. Turbine blades, impellers, etc.
  • Can be easily programmed to handle a variety of product styles
  • The high volume of production compared to conventional machines
  • Lesser skilled or trained people can operate CNC machines unlike conventional ones where highly skilled people are required
  • CNC machines can be used uninterruptedly without turning them off provided regular maintenance is done
  • Avoids errors that were otherwise committed by humans operating conventional machines
  • Since CNC machines can be programmed, one person may well take care of a number of CNC machines. Reduces employees and hence costs are reduced
  • Using CNC machines results in a safer work environment

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